How to keep an affair secret – dating tips for married

1. Make a perfect cheating plan

If you want to maintain a secret relationship without being discovered, you need to develop a comprehensive cheating plan. Prepare a few sufficiently credible reasons to ask for leave, and remember not to use an excuse often. If you often work overtime, your wife may contact your colleague to verify that you are in the office all night. Don’t get sick often, demanding bosses may need hospital certificates and credit card bills.

2. Reasonable arrangements for spouse and wife

Reasonably arrange the time for your partner and lover to spend time together, which is like balancing the relationship between work and part-time work. Never take up the time of Saturday dinner for secret dating. Hobbies are usually the best excuse to leave home, such as the gym on Sundays. Of course, to ensure that you are not suspected, you can prepare adequate fitness photos and place them on Instagram.

3. Don’t mention anything about extramarital affairs

If you keep secret dating for a long time, avoid leaving any clues about extramarital affairs on your phone. Do not use work email to contact your lover, remember to delete credit card consumption records, use a separate mobile phone number, and email. It is recommended to use an anonymous account. As we know, mobile phones are not very secure and your information may be being sold online. The most important thing is not to share your phone password with your date, especially those who are careful and jealous.

4. Avoid sending too much information

You can’t stand loneliness. You can usually not refuse the seduction of your lover, the temptation of private photos and text. But it’s always questionable if you stay in the toilet for too long, so avoid sending too many instant messages and communicating on the phone. If you want her nakedness, please use a video phone. Try to use an anonymous calling card, not your home landline or work phone. If you want to save your happy time, please log in to secret dating websites and save it with a private account.

5. Don’t let the emoji betray you

If you keep an affair secret, learn how to manage your expression. After all, your wife knows you very well. If you are different from yesterday, you may be suspected. Don’t give all your time to the “gym”. You have to allocate some time to your wife. If your wife can’t feel your love, if your wife still cares about you, she may investigate you.

6. Refuse to use the credit card

Credit card spending records may reveal your whereabouts. how to keep an affair secret? The best way is not to use a credit card, whether it is to book a hotel, buy gifts, dinner, etc., especially to buy sex appliances, you must use cash for condoms. Imagine that you buy sex toys and the condom bill falls into your wife’s hands. What should you explain?

7. Choose who cheats carefully

Cheating with your partner’s friend is a very risky thing. Because your friends know all your information, if you are preparing for a weekend dinner and your cheating object suddenly comes to your door, you may be exposed. The second is to avoid cheating with colleagues because your colleagues know that you are already married. If you cheat in the office, rumors may spread, and you often ask for leave at the same time, which is very suspicious.

8. Use secret dating websites

After all, you are an amateur and have limited methods. Making full use of secret dating sites can help avoid being caught.

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