7 suggestions for first affair dating

In order to have a perfect married dating, you are preparing, what should you do? This is not as simple as determining a time and a place. You don’t want your wife to know, you need to deal with your wife, so you need to be cautious. In order to avoid being caught, we have prepared a few suggestions for you who are about to have an affair.

1. Arrange affair dating at a specific time

In order to avoid being caught by your wife, please use your business travel time or your wife’s business travel time. Avoid meeting time conflicts with your family, because you can’t find a suitable reason to explain why you are absent, and you will eventually be suspected.

Plan your time, set aside some free time, and don’t let it get too close to your other things. If you have dinner with your family in the evening, you should not schedule an appointment at noon. Know the trade-offs, if you want to take care of both, you will be very tired. When arranging your affair, make sure your family has something to do.

2. Choose a secret dating location

Avoid dating places where couples go, such as hot restaurants. Avoid choosing places where your friends or your wife often go. After all, you need to hide your affair, and you don’t want to be known by acquaintances that you are dating another woman. It is recommended to go where your wife thinks you will not go. However, to ensure 100% safety, it is recommended to go to a city where no one knows you because you will hardly meet your wife or people who know you.

3. Appropriate reasons

In order to avoid being interrupted on the first date, you need to have a perfect excuse. Work-related excuses are usually not questioned. You need to explain why you did not answer the phone, disguised yourself as a busy employee, or were in a meeting. But an excuse should not be used frequently. It is recommended to innovate, such as a dinner with friends, if your wife respects you enough, usually you will not doubt it.

4. Use different calling cards

In order to avoid your mobile phone betraying you, it is recommended to prepare a special mobile phone for an affair and use a separate calling card. Finally, remember to clear the browser history. Avoid leaving traces of affair on your computer, iPad.

5. Don’t use perfume

It is recommended that neither your affair partner nor you use perfume, because you will eventually return to your wife. In order to prevent your wife from discovering abnormalities, you should be more cautious. Remember to take a shower before going home and avoid taking your lover’s hair home.

6. Use cash

Credit cards will be tracked, so it is necessary to prepare enough cash. After all, you don’t want your wife to find out that you buy bags for other women.

7. Choose your date carefully

Finally, in order to avoid being discovered, please don’t attack your wife, after all, you don’t want to make trouble too ugly. Of course, acquaintances are also a stupid choice. If you do not have a suitable affair, it is recommended to join an extramarital married dating website. After all, there are many like-minded people here.

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